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Top level brand designed and manufactured by CLAN Srl, ZEYBRA is established on the market as one of the leading brands in the men's swimwear sector.

Strictly "Made in Italy", the ZEYBRA brand refers to an idea of the sea that is elegant but fun, able to stand out for its innovative idea and at the same time for the innate quality of the materials and the manufacture of the product. Refinement, dynamism and modernity are in fact the values that characterize the DNA of the ZEYBRA brand and are the basis of a complete collection that ranges from briefs to shorts, passing from boxer shorts to cotton bermudas coordinated with polo-shirts and beach towels. The target to which ZEYBRA addresses is ageless because it is that of the demanding, fashionable consumer, who chooses the brand because he wants the novelty, the peculiarity, the idea.

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