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It is no coincidence that the designer decided to start again from the "No.1 garment", the first dress designed seven years ago: the true beginning of the history of Semicouture.

The name is fascinating in itself, taken from the intermediate test dummies, shyly far from the "whole" couture, looked with great respect.

A name that is in some way already procedural, which evokes unfinished garments, full of poetic imperfections

Bordering and sewing are hand made in our workshops by old-tradition skilled shoemakers, using artisan techniques, so that the shoe progressively adapts its shape to the foot, becoming comfortable, easy to dress and robust.

We have chosen this kind of manufacturing because we want to provide a product that is comfortable and dressy, with a competitive price, keeping all design, research and development in Italy, to give you the high quality you expect for a Made in Italy branded product.

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