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There is a fascinating story behind the Empathie project, the story of a meeting between a French fashion designer and an Italian manager. It is along the streets of Paris, one of the most romantic and suggestive cities in the world, capital of culture, art and fashion that the two young people meet. A brief but intense encounter with them, which will change the life of both. A feeling that is created from the first moment and that will lead them to realize their shared dream together.

In 2011 the Empathie brand was born.

It is inspired by the lines and the Parisian atmosphere, drawing on glimpses of a daily, romantic and metropolitan life, which evoke emotions to be consumed in a moment and feelings to be kept forever. A mood of great charm is born, passionate and casual, nostalgic and dreamer. The result of constant experimentation, every single garment, graphics and detail is conceived and designed by combining flair and refinement.

 The company's legal and operational headquarters are located in Italy.

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