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The Settefili Cashmere brand is linked to the strong meaning that the number Seven has for him:

Seven are the figures involved in this project.

There are seven steps necessary to get to the finished garment starting from the precious cashmere yarn.

There are seven shades of color in which the light is divided and from which the infinite combinations of unique colors open.

Seven expressed for the ancients the balance between numbers and has always been considered a magical symbol because it is linked to the completion of the lunar cycle and the inner nature of man.

Settefili Cashmere production starts from the thread of this precious fiber selected by the best spinners. For each new model we try to better interpret each type of thread, by designing the most suitable garment. This is where the real production process begins, where expert knitters transform the yarn into precious knitwear garments following the handwork on small Swiss Dubied looms from the 70s. Thanks to this choice, single, unique garments can be produced on request with the highest quality. All the production steps are followed in the smallest details, up to the final inspection, item by item.

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