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I just wanted to convey my vision.

Creating something beautiful and functional, which combines practicality and refinement and which allows anyone to create their own style, playing with colors and materials.

Thus was born _ioef_, from an idea that took shape thanks to the skill of Tuscan artisans who gave shape and color to what I had always dreamed of.

Erik Manfredi.

A creative vision that combines utility and functionality.

"Utility and Functionality" are the watchwords that distinguish Ioef, a brand born from the dream of a young man who wants to bring Italian craftsmanship to a completely new world. Today the dream has come true.

These beautiful handcrafted bags made by hand in the Tuscan territory, born from an extraordinary collaboration between Gamma 3 and Erik Manfredi, have now become a reference icon in the world of leather goods.

Each collection is inspired by the modern and urban woman who travels and continually discovers new places and shares her vision through her style.

Ioef offers a curated collection, blending contemporary style and old school. It is aimed at a confident customer who has no need or desire to display labels. The bags are versatile and have a unique quality, that of allowing every woman who chooses us to design her style without conditioning her.

Each Ioef collection is totally made in Italy, precisely in Tobbiana (Prato) by Gamma 3. The bags do not follow an industrialized process, so neither Kim nor Kendal are die-cut and their construction is done piece by piece by hand. Precisely to emphasize this prestigious feature, the interior is deliberately left "naked", that is, each cut is paired with a suede lining, which will change color from season to season, so that the internal processing remains visible.

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