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Faithful to our motto: "fashion is what is not in fashion", we at the Impermeable are not fashion: we do not create a specific product because at this moment "it is in fashion".

In fact, we have been producing the raincoat since 1952.

They are the models that have made history, those that keep the style, that do not need to change, to change from year to year.

Each of us wears raincoats with their own style, proud to wear an icon.

The raincoat (by the way, we called it simply that, with the L-shaped apostrophe) for the pleasure of being worn, bold because it anticipates, not simply a garment of those who have chosen others in your place, bold because it stands out among the crowd , worn in your own way.

Our raincoats stand out because we like a certain authentic retro world, we like real things, we like traditions, it will be because we are Tuscan, it will be because our company, born in 1948, is in its third generation, it will be because not we could do differently.

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