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Norway, your way. Endless ways of being unique.

The company was founded in 1983 when three friends, returning to Bologna from Norway, decided to transfer their love for travel and the outdoors to a clothing line characterized by quality, resistant and technical garments but at the same time fashionable. After an initial period dedicated to the production of ski accessories, in 1992 the company chose to move the company's core business to Urban Outdoor.

Thus began the production of outdoor clothing

combined with a line of city accessories: the Norway label comes to life. From that day on, Norway became synonymous with parkas, down jackets, and quality technical jackets, carving out a prominent place in the panorama of Italian clothing and outwear.

Practical sense and spirit of Scandinavian adaptation, typically Italian elegance and tradition: Norway takes its cue from this combination, enhancing its characteristics thanks to the choice and perennial search for top quality materials, fabrics and components.

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