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The "casual" style has always been the hallmark of the Etici woman. Iconic garments in fine linen and geometric jacquard are reinterpreted in a contemporary key with new and modern lines. The quality and attention to detail enrich fresh and current collections, inspired by a woman who finds simplicity in the means of expressing her charm. A fashion that escapes the tireless cycle of trends and focuses on classic and timeless garments, with clean and casual lines. There is no pomp or ostentation because in everyday life you know, fashion takes to the streets and abandons the exhibitionism of the catwalks, to give voice to an authentic femininity, that of a modern and practical woman who does not give up on style. Sober and informal lines characterize our collections. High quality fabrics are combined with the wisdom dictated by the Italian tailoring tradition. We are in Carpi, the textile-clothing district par excellence, where the best Made in Italy industrial tradition resides. Our models are the result of the extraordinary work of a motivated and enthusiastic team who want to enhance the natural femininity and beauty of every woman. Ethics. Because each one is beautiful, in a different way and can interpret our clothes in its own way, making them unique pieces.

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