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Anna Seravalli is a clothing collection designed for modern women who love being independent, also in what they wear. Our items can be mixed and matched to create total looks with an innovative and elegant mood.

Anna Seravalli women bask in the quality of the details such as the choice of fabrics, the design and the manufacturing. They are dynamic, active, confident, and have a determined outlook in life. Anna Seravalli's style is all about clean lines and that all-important touch of elegance.

The range by Anna Seravalli combines comfort and sophistication: the perfect match for anyone who thinks it's all about who you really are and not about copying someone else's style: each garment adds to the appeal of the woman wearing it and turns any moment into a special occasion.

The Anna Seravalli range combines tailoring traditions Made in Italy and the love of all the people involved in creating it. Its roots are entrenched in the experience of Araba Fenice, a company from Veneto that has been in business since 1986, also thanks to the Know How of its founder William Bianco.

Anna Seravalli is a fashion range with a high design content, made with the best materials and natural fabrics for a result capable of emphasising femininity and simplicity at the same time.

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