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Historic knitwear brand, Ferrante Man means, since its beginning, artisan quality. Committed to elegance and comfort, this brand mixes the sober classical nature of the basic line with a number of attires thought for the metropolitan person who’s more attentive to fashion trends, without forgetting refinement. Collection after collection, Ferrante Man expands with new gears and with new accessories that integrate the knitwear, offering a total look of unique taste.

THE 1950S AND 1960S

In the years after WWII, Amedeo Ferrante, a tradesman from Abruzzo region in central Italy, understands the potentiality of mixing wool yarns and starts a small knitwear company: the first collections receive an enthusiastic welcome, giving satisfaction to the entrepreneur and his sons, who are participating in the venture. Around the mid-sixties, Gianfranco, son of Amedeo, suggests to move with the family to Pescara, new urban center in great expansion. Showing since the beginning a strong vocation for entrepreneurship, he creates also his own knitwear line, while taking care of a wholesale business that allowed him to be in contact with the most innovative fashion trends of the following decade.


Our company, Amedeo Ferrante, has always been inspired by a deep passion: that for quality, for elegance, for well-dressing. In each Ferrante product there are sixty years of experience and care to all the phases of manufacturing, from the choice of the best yarns to the care for details. Amedeo and Emiliano, the two brothers leading the company today, grew-up embedded in tradition, of which they have the knowledge and for which they have a passion: therefore, they continue to check personally the entire life-cycle of the collections, working constantly side-by-side with those who design as well as those who manufacture the clothes. The dream that they are fulfilling is that of integrating tradition and innovation: to combine the endowment of wise artisan mastery that they’ve inherited, with a greater attention to style and appearance. New professionals and fashion designers, carefully selected, collaborate with a staff of experienced knitters to create together unique clothes. The quality and reliability of Ferrante translates into wearability and contemporary trends, construing the renewed passion of the company: to clothe with style.

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